Miriam Sheehan

Soprano Miriam Sheehan is a Vocal Performance major at Portland State University in Oregon, studying under Ethan Sperry, and a recipient of PSU’s competitive Hinckley Scholarship in Vocal Music. Her first-ever public solo performance was at the age of eight, singing June Tabor’s ballad “Willie Taylor” alone on stage at the Citadel in Charleston. She has been performing as a singer ever since. Miriam is experienced in both solo and choral performance. She has sung in concerts with Cappella Romana, The Saint Tikhon Choir, Bard College Chamber Singers, and many local and state choirs in high school. The Saint Tikhon Choir’s recording of her father Benedict Sheehan’s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom includes her as a soprano chorister, and is her first commercial recording. She has six younger sisters, who all sing, and loves to make music with her whole family. She is currently trying to learn the guitar.