Dn. Michael Abrahamson

Deacon Michael sits and stares at a screen most days as a Senior Business Analyst and Director of Client Relations for an insurance software company. When the glamor and excitement of insurance software analyzing take their toll, he retreats to another room in his house. There he pines for someone, anyone, to sing harmony as he thumbs through folk song books and lyric sheets, occasionally composing and arranging new settings of Orthodox church music. Mike attended Emerson College and SUNY Potsdam as a music major, eventually settling in Riverside, RI with his bemused yet loving wife, Faith, and their five musical children, who laugh at all of his hilarious dad jokes. He has sung with The Saint Tikhon Choir, Siné Nominé and Collegium Ancora, and currently serves as a deacon and cantor at St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI.